Easy Accounting for small businesses.

Manage your accounting, your projects and your documentation on the same platform and gain daily visibility on your cashflow!

Happy customers

Easy invoicing

Create your professionally designed customer invoices in seconds!

Higher cash inflow


With embedded payment options for your customers, your cash inflow is significantly higher!

Efficient ways of working

Integrated projects

Your projects and your documents are managed on the same plateform. Don't let paperwork slow you!

Key features

our core features

We designed it based on your feedback to be Easy to work with and Comprehensive to include Customer Invoicing, Project Tracking, Cashflow Management, Accounting, Travel Expenses Integration and Payments options.

  • Sharp! Professional invoices
  • Digital! Electronic Invoices
  • Simple! Easy Accounting
  • Sustainable! Cash Tracking
  • Efficient! Instant Reporting
  • Scalable! Customer-Centered
Easy and intuitive solution
Electronic document management
Instant view on revenues and expenses
Integrated projects tracking
Create and send invoices
Manage and invoice projects
Track vendor invoices
Keey an eye on business expenses

Many Opportunities

in simple and efficent way

Customers Management
Add cutomers, invoices and estimates

Create or import your customers to be able to send them estimates, invoices and reminders for payments.

Contacts management
Manage Contacts, Leads and Customers

Create and centralise your contacts. You can tranfer them to leads or to customers. You can send invoices and estimates to them

Project Management
Create and Monitor your projects timelines

Add a project and monitor your tasks completion durations. You can then accuratly invoice them and get paid.

Expenses Management
Add receipts, travel expenses and allowances

Capture your receipts, your trips and your business allowances so they easily recorded and traced to projects and to customers.

Vendors Management
Import and Account for vendors invoices

Account for your vendor invoices to keep track of your expenses. Upload your electronic invoices for easy retrieval afterwards.

Monitor your revenues, expenses, cashflow ...

Several reports are at your finger tips. Cash is king! monitor it closely. Bottomline is key to your growth. Monitor projects, revenues, expenses...

unlimited possibilities

Customer invoicing, faster payments, expenses monitoring, projects tracking, Document management

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Freelancers, contractors, self-employed workers and sole proprietors

$9/ month
Billed $90 annualy.
You get 2 free months per year!
Single user
Customers invoicing
Unlimited quotations
Project Management
Cashflow management
Instant reporting
Send invoices / Quotes / Reminders
Travel expenses management
Document management
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For large companies

$49/ month
Billed $490 annualy.
You get 2 free months per year!
Up to 25 users
Unlimited customers invoices
Unlimited quotations
Project Management
Cashflow management
Instant reporting
Send invoices, Quotes/Reminders
Travel expenses management
Vendor invoices
Document management
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